(2-Disc Set) Vocalisms: Songs of Crozier, Harbison, Primosch, & Rorem

Mary and pianist Heidi Louise Williams present a 2-disc set of newly composed and recorded songs by Daniel Crozier, John Harbison, James Primosch, and Ned Rorem.

Disc 1

Harbison: Vocalism (2004-2006); Seven Poems of Lorine Niedecker (2015)

Primosch: Waltzing the Spheres (2011); Shadow Memory (2014); Three Folk Hymns (1996-2016)

Crozier: History’s Lamb & Byzantium (1995); Four Poems of Emily Dickinson (2014)

Disc 2

Rorem: Another Sleep: III (2000)

Crozier: The Rainbow (1989); And, Daylight (2004); After-Song (1990); The Fire of a Wild White Sun (1990)

Primosch: Holy The Firm (1999)

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John Harbison: Songs After Hours

Mary performs modern arrangements of jazz songs by Pulitzer Prize-winning American composer John Harbison. Featuring a combo of stellar jazz musicians from New York City: John Chin, piano; Dayna Stephens, saxophone, Joe Martin, bass; and Dan Rieser, drums.

Track Listing

In Over My Head


Sleep Song

Baseline Ballad

All for You


To Be With You

Big Orange Moon

This Love

I Could End Up Loving You Tonight

I’m Through

Christmas Again

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Cathedral Music
By 21st Century Consort

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Louis Karchin: To the Sun and Stars
By Mary Mackenzie, Eric Sedgwick, Ekmeles, Thomas Meglioranza, Da Capo Chamber Players, Sharon Harms

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Banner artwork by Margaret Mackenzie